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Complete SEO Package with 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions, Galaxynet

Complete SEO Package with 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions, Galaxynet
Complete SEO Package with 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions, Galaxynet
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  • Model: Ολοκληρωμένο πακέτο SEO με 11 εφαρμογές OpenCart
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Complete SEO package with 11 applications OpenCart SEO Extensions, Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Complete SEO package with 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions for e-shop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions.

  This pack consists of 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions and this SEO Pack is the most advanced and most flexible SEO Pack extension available on the OpenCart Marketplace.

  We have developed the SEO extensions with more than 2 years of research and analysis on search engine optimization for OpenCart website, monitoring more than 50 OpenCart Live websites. We know the common SEO issues for any OpenCart website and have developed these SEO extensions keeping those issues in mind. These SEO extensions can be used by SEO professionals / experts as well as someone who is new to SEO. We offer the best features that no other SEO extension offers. Without compromising on features, we've built each SEO extension individually so you get all the SEO benefits. SEO extensions are developed with the latest SEO standards and hence results are guaranteed. SEO extensions are developed with white hat principles.

  The developer of the SEO extensions is certified in Search Engine Optimization.

  With these extensions installed and properly configured, your website is sure to get great results.


This pack consists of the following 11 extensions.


# Extensions About & Documentation

1 SEO On-Page Tags Generator

2 SEO URL keyword Generator + SEO setup for Multi-language website

3 SEO Structured Data

4 SEO Canonical Links

5 XML Sitemap Generator PRO

6 SEO Image Rename Manager

7 SEO Quick Editor or Viewer

8 Broken Link Manager / Redirect Manager

9 Product Tags Generator

10 SEO Meta Tags fixes

11 SEO Keywords Highlighter

Overall features

Title tag for product pages

Meta description for product pages

Meta keyword for product pages

H1 tag for product pages

H2 tag for product pages

Image Alt Tag for Product Pages

Image title tag for product pages

Title tag for category pages

Meta description for category pages

Meta-keyword for category pages

H1 tag for category pages

H2 tag for category pages

Image Alt Tag for Category Pages

Image title tag for category pages

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