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ERP connection with OpenCart. E-shop interface with ERP. Connect your E-shop with ERP.

ERP connection with OpenCart. E-shop interface with ERP. Connect your E-shop with ERP.
ERP connection with OpenCart. E-shop interface with ERP. Connect your E-shop with ERP.
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ERP connection with OpenCart. E-shop interface with ERP. Connect your E-shop with ERP.

With the construction of an online store by Galaxynet s.a., you ensure your sure success in e-commerce.

Due to our many years of involvement in the field of e-commerce, we have been building e-shops since 1997, we have gained a lot of experience and we undertake to implement the creation of complete and functional online stores.

Galaxy ERP-Shop is an ideal solution not only for a retail store, but also for B2B stores.

  In fact, we provide you with the ability to have both options at the same time. The system has the ability to separate wholesale customers from retail customers and display different prices.

We also provide you with the possibility to have multiple e-shops in the same system. It is possible that a category of your products is sold in one e-shop and the rest of the products in another e-shop. All your products will be stored in the same

database in the commercial program.

We provide specialized services:

Selling products or services at retail (B2C).

Wholesale (B2B) sale of products or services with the possibility of different price lists for each customer group.

Interface with ERP.

We can automate the updating of your products with prices and availability (Singular, XLine, SoftOne, Pylon, etc. commercial programs), from OpenCart to ERP and from ERP to OpenCart. Galaxynet s.a. is in position

to implement any project according to the needs of each business.

By using a barcode scanner, we achieve automatic entry of products into the ERP (commercial management program).

With the possibility of using a scanner in the barcout, we achieve automatic registration of the products with their correct characteristics, color, size, shape, dimensions and other properties of the products.

ERP automates the process of entering products into the e-shop, offering your business valuable value

  time and avoid mistakes.

You can automatically invoice the orders that are in the e-shop.

Synchronizes items, customers, receipts, colors and sizes from products.

Ability to automatically send emails and sms.

Bulk update warehouse prices and availability.

It updates the products in the e-shop with the changes made in the ERP with the click of a button.

It connects with the postal company you work with so that the voucher is issued automatically.

Having registered your products in the database of your commercial program, they can be automatically published in the e-shop by choosing to publish or not.

Total Galaxy ERP-shop capabilities.

Create customers from OpenCart in ERP

Create customers from ERP to OpenCart

Automatic creation of documents

Order status update

Color-size support

Function Product attributes and product options (product attributes)

Management and update of Retail prices

Manage and update Wholesale prices

Price lists – Pricing policies

Price escalations by quantity

Greek - English support

Built in Search Engine Optimization

Support Featured items and WEB offers

Unlimited Item Photos

Update Other items

Manage Multiple Repositories

Unlimited depth of Categories – Subcategories with photo

Online/offline and client/server operation

Prices without VAT 24%

The e-shop is constantly updated. In real time you can have information about the stocks

of your products.

Galaxynet s.a. holds a leading position in the study, design and implementation of integrated IT projects.

Our team analyzes the needs of each business, follows international standards and designs high-level solutions for each market sector.

We undertake the proper installation and complete configuration of ERP software systems, ensuring

the most efficient operation and development of your business.

ERP is a business tool for controlling, monitoring and coordinating a business.

For example, consolidate all the departments of a company in one database: production, warehouse, sales, suppliers, customers, financial management, in one database.

Why does my business need ERP?

Reduction of operating costs

By consolidating all the internal processes of your business you reduce operating costs.

Easy management of all information system data even from the most remote point.

Increase efficiency

Increase the level of collaboration between your employees with the ability to exchange and update data.

  ERP actively contributes to increasing efficiency, creating rapid growth in your business.

Effective information

Your business operates more efficiently by providing you with the best and shortest information resulting in improving the quality of your services and providing you with information in a wide range of critical functions.

Instant execution of workflows.

  It contributes to the better service of your customers because it provides the possibility of control and quick decisions.


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