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E-shop. Basic build package. With the possibility of a subsidy from the NSRF.

E-shop. Basic build package. With the possibility of a subsidy from the NSRF.
E-shop. Basic build package. With the possibility of a subsidy from the NSRF.
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E-shop. Basic build package.            The price does not include VAT. 24%.

What is included in the Construction of your website or your E-shop.

1. A key element in the construction of your website is for the choice of the program (platform) to be of the latest version 2022. Our company builds websites with products, or e-shops, with all global platforms upon your choice, as well as with UNIQUENESS POSSIBILITY. We ONLY use final year program releases, December 2022, as It is a prerequisite of the grant.

2. Also, our company undertakes the automatic upgrade of your website program with each new upgrade version.

3. Possibility of choosing a mockup and presentation of your website according to your own suggestions, even from a competitive website in your category. (Not a standardised product). Possibility of customization with CSS for any THEME you choose or we recommend. This is a custom website, e-shop.

4. Website management program by you, with codes for changing photos, prices, etc. by you. Dynamic Website.

5. Online training program from our company with online instructions for the operation of the e-shop as well as telephone support DAILY with a programmer from 10.00 to 17.00 or by video conference or team viewer.

6. Site building with SEO standards as defined by the Google search engine. Connection of the e-shop with Google webmaster tools. With this technique we achieve that the Google search engine reads the products, categories and keywords we have placed in the e-shop with the aim of automatically promoting it for a good ranking order in the organic results of Google, not in the paid ones. We have vast expertise as a company as we have offices in Manhattan, New York. Type Seo promotion Manhattan New York; we appear on the 1st page of Google, 1st Position in organic results from 3,500,000 Galaxynet leaving behind big New York companies.

7. Possibility of the product's selection by color, size, dimensions, volume, gender. NEW application of 2021. With this application we manage to register the product once and have many different options of the product. π.χ.

8. Possibility to permanently display shopping cart labels, features + shipping cost + returns + phone support + calculate interest or interest installments + earn points + redeem points + discount coupon + become a reseller + instructions for use + etc. NEW app of 2021.

9. Connection of your website and products with social media and the Google business map. BEWARE 90% of websites don't link correctly – automatically to social media.

10. Courier : Courier connection, and calculation of the cost of shipping in the shopping cart by Courier.

11. Secure transactions certificate - security server.

12. Personal data declaration in accordance with European legislation. All the necessary legal terms of use for the operation of the e-shop are completed by our company's lawyer.

13. Cookies with declaration of personal data.

14. Automatic linking of the product to the social media shopping cart: e.g. Facebook

15. Creation of filters of related products, popular products, on sale, sales, tagged products, recommendations, options.

16. Shopping cart with banner pop-ups for product purchase. NEW app of 2021.

17. Dynamic slides presentation and video on the home page.

18. Traffic statistics program, online customers, customer program, transaction reports, order management program, offer-discount program, gift-voucher program and coupons, sales statistics, product return management program, order management, product inventory management. Possibility of video for each product, possibility of connection with e-shop portal. Bulk email program, ability to connect to wholesale program with customer code. SEO URL management for the correct appearance on Google with support instructions. Banners' management. Product groups creation by features and manufacturers.

19. Possibility of online payments and credit card connection through PayPal provided that the customer has activated PayPal.

20. Chats and newsletters creation for better communication with users.

21. Shopping cart creation with pop up option for a more attractive purchase for the user. ( )

22. Blog creation with articles and presentation on the main page and/or in their own separate menu.

Additional e-shop features

Proper display of 'Shopping Cart and Products'. We give particular importance to the product presentation page with the corresponding filters. We design the shopping cart with the aim of the best approach to the user to maximize your sales. We create the ideal environment for the user, so that he can choose to buy the product. We design with your sales maximization in mind.

According to studies, 68% of users who save a product in the cart, do not complete their order.

Our goal is that your users can complete their orders faster and easier.

⦁ Ability to filter by size, color scheme, dimensions, volume, gender, etc. depending on the needs of the website, e.g. ⦁

⦁ Automatic linking of the product to the shopping cart on social media. e.g. Facebook

⦁ Possibility of tags in the shopping cart with permanent display, features + shipping cost + returns + phone support + calculation of interest or interest installments + earn points + redeem points + discount coupon + become a reseller + instructions for use + etc. NEW app of 2020.

⦁Possibility of banner pop-ups for subscribing to the newsletter or offers.

⦁ Calculation of transport costs by the courier company and calculation from the basket.

⦁ Shopping cart with the possibility of shopping filters and data tables according to the customer's needs. NEW app of 2020. e.x. ⦁ ⦁ ⦁ ⦁ ⦁ ⦁

⦁ Create filters with related products, popular products, on sale, discounts, tagged products, suggestions, options.

⦁ Create filters with combinations of colors - sizes. Attention NEW application OF 2020.

⦁ Site map creation, customer comments, automatic link of the product to the shopping cart on social media.

⦁ Payment by cash on delivery, by deposit to an account, collection from the store. These payment methods are included in the basic e-shop application.

⦁ Secure transactions certificate, security server, included in the basic version of the e-shop.

⦁ Personal data disclosure in accordance with European legislation.

⦁ Declaration of personal data cookies.

⦁ The e-shop package includes: a) the installation of the e-shop, b) the creation of a menu of categories - subcategories of your choice. c) The creation of all the pages of the e-shop (Home page, contact, map, resume, services, terms, declaration, photo slider, photo gallery, articles, basket, product filters, etc.). d) The online connection with a bank for payment by credit card (includes connection with PayPal when available). Connecting online with a bank to pay with a credit card is an extra cost of 75 euros. It does not include uploading all products (we upload up to 50 products).

The Building cost of the basic e-shop application is 1,800 euros and includes all the above functions with the possibility of a 50% subsidy, your participation cost is 50% : 900 euros plus VAT. The application expenses of 30 euros are also included.

(You are charged ONLY with your own participation of 900 euros plus VAT)

30% down payment with the signing of the pre-contract. Payment with open settlement of up to 3 months without promissory notes, checks, with a minimum monthly installment of 200 euros. Project to be delivered within two months at the latest. (We take care of all the application formalities without any obligation on your part).

WEBSITE E-SHOPS OF OUR CUSTOMERS : Mr. Dimitris Karalakis Ms. Rodi Evangelia Department store. Tools, Machinery, Furniture. Shoe store Shoe store Shoe store Car audio systems. Food Catering Events. Jewelry store. Jewelry store. T-shirt printing etc. Mattress Craftsmanship. Shoe store. Shoe store. Machine tools. Honey industry. Tire Store. Optical Shop. Wine cellar. White goods. White goods. Paint shop. Supermarket. Machine tools Underwear Bookstore Supermarket

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