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Galaxynet A.E.

Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: Παρακολούθηση τιμών, σύγκριση τιμών.
Price monitoring, price comparison, pricing based on competition.Bulk price comparison processing from other competing e-shops. Dynamic Bulk price comparison tool. Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Bulk price comparison processing. Powerful product Bulk processing tool for price comparison in shop, Gal..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 110 Προϊόν Επιστροφή σε απόθεμα Galaxynet extensions OpenCart.
The Galaxynet PRO Application gives the customer access to the order page without having to log in. The customer – visitor can also access the order information page.Product Back in stock Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Product Back in stock for shop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions Product Ba..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 117
Possibility of purchasing a program that automatically imports products into the e-shop in the form of an excel - xml table. This way we achieve fast introduction of many products at very low cost...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: Product Option Image PRO 3
Product Option Image PRO 3 is designed to enhance the standard OpenCart functionality of product images. Allows to assign images to product options (1 or more images per product option value) and display (show / hide) the images on the product page in the customer section depending on the selected o..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 132
Product Photography with Composition. 15 euros for each photo with composition. There is also the possibility of training the customer by our company for the photography of his products...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: extended-shipping
Based on a special program, several shipping methods can be applied with discounts or additional charges in your online store.-Pick up in store with some discount. -As many discounts as you want depending on your case. -As many extra charges and shipping as you want.Online example: https://cater..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 107 Ειδοποίηση για απόθεμα προϊόντος
The extension also provides export to CSV.Galaxynet extensions OpenCart product stock alert. Product stock notification for shop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions product inventory alert, Galaxynet PRO. OpenCart extensions of Galaxynet PRO.Galaxynet PRO Product back-in-stock notification app r..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 144 Ετικέτες προϊόντος, Galaxynet extensions OpenCart
Product tags, Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Structured Product Tags for eshop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions.Product Tags Generator PRO - Automatic and One Click.This extension creates product tags using the product title, categories assigned, manufacturer or brand, and other product infor..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 134
Construction of extra graphics in the e-shop. Construction of additional graphics aiming for the most impressive presentation of the e-shop and with the intent of highlighting specific features..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 131
Products photography. 10 euros for each photo. Also available, Product photograph customer training by our company...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 119
Import of products by the company at a cost of 0.80 cents for each product...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: reseller3
GR-IX high-speed network120GB Disk space1000GB TrafficSSD HostingUnlimited Domains Hosting Private Nameservers..
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