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Galaxynet A.E.

Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 141 Εγκατάσταση OpenCart αναβάθμιση και μετεγκατάσταση
Install OpenCart upgrade and migration, Galaxynet. OpenCart, Galaxynet. Upgrade and Migration. OpenCart Extensions, Galaxynet. Galaxynet PRO.Work Projects Application. OpenCart Custom Work Projects.Create your online e-commerce store in minutes and start selling your products. We will install the Op..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 138 Κατασκευή shop OpenCart με Συνδρομή επιχειρήσεων
OpenCart shop construction with Business Subscription, Galaxynet. Construction of OpenCart eshop with Business Subscription. OpenCart Extensions, Galaxynet. Galaxynet PRO application. Work Projects. OpenCart Custom Work Projects. Lifetime updates and installation for all apps. You get free life..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 120011
Option to purchase a program that automatically imports as many excel files with products as you have created.  The application has the ability to automatically import product photos from any e-shop where the photo is registered...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 120013
Possibility of purchasing a program that automatically imports products into your e-shop from multiple xml, csv files as well as from a commercial program. In this way we achieve rapid introduction of many products at very low cost. We undertake to import all your products into the e-shop...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 109 Κατάσταση παραγγελίας Email Galaxynet extensions OpenCart
Order status Email Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Order status Email / SMS Template Designer Professional for shop, Galaxynet PRO application. OpenCart extensions Order Status Email / SMS Template Designer Professional, Galaxynet PRO. OpenCart extensions of Galaxynet PRO.The Galaxynet PRO Applicatio..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: ekptotika-kouponia
Create payment method with discount coupons you accept. Online example:
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 122
Credit card payment by the user with pay pal option.Creating a professional PayPal account for you if you don't already have one and linking it to your desired bank or credit card account..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 130
Photo cropping (we remove the background from the product)...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 125 Δημοσίευση Αγοράς Έλεγχος προϊόντος
Post Purchase Check product. Automated e-mail request. Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Post Purchase Check product. Automated e-mail request for shop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions Post Purchase Check product. Automated E-mail Request, Galaxynet PRO. OpenCart extensions of Galaxynet PRO.E-..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 138
Publication of comments on Facebook and Google Plus (10 comments): €200 (writing included)..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 137
Post texts and photos on Facebook. Cost of posting texts and photos on Facebook: €80/per month (for 2-3 posts per week)...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: reseller4
GR-IX high-speed network200GB disk space1400GB TrafficSSD Hosting Unlimited Domains Hosting Private Nameservers..
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