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Galaxynet A.E.

Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: reseller2
GR-IX high-speed network80GB disk space700GB TrafficSSD Hosting Unlimited Domains Hosting Private Nameservers..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 140
The campaign is funded by the customer following his training by a qualified employee of our company. From €50-€100/ per month (with a cost of €0.10-0.20/ per like)..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 123123
channel manager for Hotels. Online connection to the most basic websites, e.g. of connecting to an accounting program for an extra charge.For samples of our work please contact us at the email:
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 1200111
Commercial Management Program including: Warehouse, + Securities, Sellers (statements, financial/statistical records), Customers, Orders, Invoicing, Receipts, Cash register, Printouts, Connection to cash register, BarCode special reading, one workstation on one PC . Color-Size, TouchScreen, a workst..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 120018
Galaxynet top start. Commercial Management Program that includes: Customers, Orders, Invoicing, Receipts, Cashier, Prints, Connection to a cash register, Reading special BarCodes, one workstation on a PC. Total purchase cost €240. Installation cost €150. – Customizations you want, cost €50/hour...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: Ολοκληρωμένο πακέτο SEO με 11 εφαρμογές OpenCart
Complete SEO package with 11 applications OpenCart SEO Extensions, Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Complete SEO package with 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions for e-shop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions.  This pack consists of 11 OpenCart SEO Extensions and this SEO Pack is the most advanced and..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: facebook-connection
CONNECT the e-shop with FACEBOOK. Possibility for the customer to be able to login to his Facebook page via the e-shop and to be able to place orders from there. Online example:
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 1200115
Construction of Google shopping application and connection of the customer's e-shop with our company's e-shop Customer training, telephone support and e-shop monitoring are provided by our company in collaboration with the customer. Total cost 220 euros each year..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 137 Κατασκευή shop OpenCart σύμφωνα με τις ανάγκες του πελάτη
Construction of OpenCart shop according to the needs of the customer, Galaxynet. Construction of an OpenCart eshop configured with the client's requirements. OpenCart Extensions, Galaxynet. Galaxynet PRO application. Work Projects. OpenCart Custom Work Projects.OpenCart Custom Work Projects starting..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: Παρακολούθηση μετατροπών, ποια από τα διαφημιστικά κλικ
Conversion tracking, which ad clicks lead to sales, Galaxynet extensions OpenCart. Track conversions, which of these ad clicks lead to sales for your e-shop, Galaxynet PRO app. OpenCart extensions.Even if your ads are getting a lot of clicks, you're probably missing out on ways to improve your campa..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 136
Create a contest on Facebook. The client provides the Contest Gift and coordinates the campaign after training by a specialized employee of our company...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: filtra
Creation of several filters on products for better search by e-shop visitors...
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