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Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 128
Branding. Cost from 60 to 120 euros, depending on the display and effects...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 127
Logo construction. Cost from 30 to 60 euros depending on the font and effects...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 130
Photo cropping (we remove the background from the product)...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 132
Product Photography with Composition. 15 euros for each photo with composition. There is also the possibility of training the customer by our company for the photography of his products...
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 134
Construction of extra graphics in the e-shop. Construction of additional graphics aiming for the most impressive presentation of the e-shop and with the intent of highlighting specific features..
Brand: Galaxynet A.E. Model: 131
Products photography. 10 euros for each photo. Also available, Product photograph customer training by our company...
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